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Dr. Victor López Villafañe y Maestra Gabriela De la Paz M.
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ITESM, Campus Monterrey

The Center for North American Studies, seeks to promote and strengthen cooperation among academic institutions of North America by analyzing the vital issues for the region´s future development. The center also works to propose strategies and policy initiatives that contribute in the solution of the region´s main challenges.

1. To conduct high quality and creative research that provides the Mexican perspective on North American region and its role at the Globalization process.
2. To enable students who are interested in North American challenges to perform research.
3. To publish books, articles and research material, both in Spanish and English, that contribute to general understanding on integration issues.

The Center for North American Studies is devoted to carry out its own research as well as joint projects and publications with other prestigious academic institutions of the region. The Center also holds congresses, seminars and lectures with the participation of scholars from Canada, the United States and Mexico.

Economic integration.
Political systems
Culture and society

North American Competitiveness. Víctor López Villafañe.
Maquiladora Industry: Integration and Restructuring. Anne Fouquet.
Cutural Studies of the Mexico-U.S. Border Region. Nora Guzmán.
United States´ Foreign Policy. Gabriela De la Paz.
United States´ Trade Policy. Cintia Smith.
Chinese Competition on the U.S. Market. Renato Balderrama.
Understanding the Cultural Identities of North America through the Study of Literature. Donna Kabalen.
Discovers and Identities in the New World: Insights from the XVI Century Travelers. Blanca López.
Temporary Agricultural Worker Program: Cultural effects. Claudia Reyes.

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